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21 June, 2021

U-14 west trigers play with heart

For the past 21 weeks I have been covering sport for Mackay Local News and in that time I have witnessed some teams soar high on victory while others faced crushing defeats.

By Jacob Cumner

But what I have truly loved seeing is the heart competitors play with.

One team which had that in abundance this season, was the U14s girls rugby league West Tigers team.

The girls, who recently played their final match of the season, showed plenty of heart each and every time they took to the field – win, lose or draw!

No matter how hard the scrappy little team were beaten, they always managed to get back up again!

They forged ahead, no matter how difficult the game – often, at times, going into matches without reserves or with injured players.

To me that shows heart. It shows dedication and it shows that these young women are willing to put their all into the game they love so much.

I have faith these young players can accomplish anything, as long as they are together.

They may not have made it to the grand finals this season, but did they try!!

They pushed their limits and, as a reporter, I’m glad I was able to cover a team with such passion and heart.

To them I have this: Thank you for your sportsmanship, for putting all you had into the game many love!

These are some hard yakka sporting champions that will go on to do greater things in the future.

We wish them well.

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