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8 May, 2021

The Port Denison Gun Club for April

Thirty Nine shooters participated at the April monthly shoot.

L-R Back J Rossato, D Bartlett, S Delle Baite, D Rossato Front A Zarb, K Zarb, P Delle Baite, N Kirkman

Ev 1: 25T DB Sweepstakes AA: R Gough & J Rossato 25/25, J Sebastian Snr, P Scalia, J Scalia, R Hearn, A Zarb 24/25 A: K Zarb23/25, J Sebastiani Jnr, P Russell, M Russell, L Populin 22/25, B: S Delle Baite 23/25, B Bonanno, P LeBlowitz, J Cerqui 21/25 C: M Rossato 23/25, D Rossato 22/25, D Dent, N Kirkman 21/25. Ev 2: 25T P/Score Sweepstakes

AA: J Rossato 75/75, P Scalia 74/75, R Gough 72/745 A: S Sebastiani 69/75,K Zarb 67/75, M Russell 65/75 

B: S DelleBaite 68/75, J Cerqui 64/75, B Bonanno 48/75 C: T Bartlett 61/75, I Sebastiani 58/75, C Morelli 56/75 Ev 3 2 25-T.

DB Cont Port Denison Championship-Cignall Specialist and Tobacconist Burdekin Trophy O/A and AA: J Rosatto 50/50

2nd A Zarb 48/50. A: D Bartlett 48/50 2nd K Zarb 47/51. B: S Delle Baite 46/50 2nd P Delle Baite 45/50 C: D Rossato 47/50. 2nd N Kirkman 46/53

Ev 4 15Pr D Rise Port Denison Championship – NQBC Electrical Trophy O/A A Zarb 27/30, AA: J Scalia 24/30 2nd J Rossato 23/30 A: K Zarb 25/30. 2nd M Zabala 23/30 B: A Lord 19/30 2nd J Sebastiani Snr 18/30 C: D Rossato 19/30 2nd N Kirkman 19/30. 

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