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2 February, 2021

Teaching self-defense in an inclusive environment at Sarina

Cheah Taekwondo and Cheah Integrated Martial Arts Club at Sarina and Mackay is a family-oriented club providing classes to different ages and abilities.

By Jacob Cumner

Ava Sutton practicing turning kicks with Michael Mollenhagen. Photo: Contributed

A yearly award is presented to the most dedicated student for attendance.

Instructor, Susie Tomlinson, presented last year’s recipient, Joshua Matton, with the award.

Students will be encouraged to achieve their potential as they develop physical fitness, self-esteem and learn self-defense, in a controlled and safe environment.

The four to seven-year-old class introduces students to the basic movements and principles of Taekwondo in preparation for white belt grading.

Fitness fun will familiarize children with structured physical activities.

Joshua Matton being awarded most dedicated student for attendance

The seven to 11-year-old class includes beginners as well as students who have progressed in belt levels. More Taekwondo techniques and sparring activities will be introduced.

Twelve years to adult classes cater for beginners to advanced belts.

Fitness training also becomes more intense as students progress through belt levels.

Grappling and Takedown techniques are introduced to sparring.

Cheah Taekwondo and Cheah Integrated Martial Arts Club instructors, Brett and Susie Tomlinson encourage inclusive participation.

They provide for each person’s need, for families and so class age groups are flexible.

There are currently vacancies in all Mackay and Sarina classes.

For further information, Contact Susie on Tel: 0456111296.

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