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22 January, 2021

Smashes, Crashes and Splashes at Cash For Tricks Wake House Competition

The Wake House in Mackay held its first Cash For Tricks freestyle wake boarding competition for 2021.

By Jacob Cumner

Wake Boarding

Extreme sports fans gathered to watch the young competitors compete on Saturday, January 16.

The wake boarding event gave amateur contestants a chance to test their skills against some truly skilled athletes.

The 22-year-old Wake House operator and competitor Josh Williams explained the competition was not about the final outcome.

"It was not about who won but because everyone gets amongst it, no matter who you were, or your skill level," Williams said.
Young wake boarders showed their skills and competed to grab cash prizes while the crowd cheered when they performed new tricks.

The professionals were excited to watch the amateurs show their stuff and cheered on young members of Mackay’s wake boarding community.

The 25-year-old four-time world wake boarding champion, James Windsor, was also happy to be on the water and support Mackay's wake boarders.

The Wake House is also the only place in Australia that re-arranges its floating rails and obstacles to provide competitors with a changing course.

Wake Boarding

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