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28 May, 2021

Ralph a talented, keen swimmer

Ralph Traeger, six, is an upand-coming legend of of the Pioneer Swimming Club (PSC). For his unbridled talents in the swimming pool and his growth through the season, even at such a young age, Ralph has been described by coaches as “amazing”.

By Jacob Cumner

Ralph Traeger, 6,

 Pioneer Swimming Club (PSC) Secretary Nikki Bounden is full of praise for the young swimmer.

“He came on board this season and on his first club night he was the keenest I have ever seen a new swimmer,” Ms Bounden said.

She added that one of the best moments for the young swimmer was when he was presented with the club’s Rising Star Award at the end-of-season presentation night.

She said the award recognises newer swimmers as rising stars.

“Ralph is a completely different kid to who he was when he first walked through the gate. He is confident and well-liked among his swim team,” Ms Biunden said.

Ralph, as you would expect, speaks keenly about his sport.  

Read More about this in the Mackay Local News Paper out  28/05/2021

  Ralph Traeger, 6,  

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