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9 February, 2021

Northern Beaches Bowl Club Sports Results.

Last weekend, the Northern Beaches Bowl Club held a competition that was enjoyed by everyone.

By Jacob Cumner

Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich

Everyone enjoyed their time during the competition as people lined up their shots to take the top prize.

However, not everyone was able to bring in some of the winnings.

Shown below are some of the results from last weekend.

Wednesday, February 3 Mixed Social.

Winners: Lynda and Allan Leyshon.

Runner Up's: Grant Wangman and Bruce Wilson.

Door: Rob Goodrick and Doug Allen.

Raffle: (No.40) $100 Margaret Perry.

Friday, February 5 Mixed Social.

Win: Robyn Campbell and Margaret Perry.

Run Up's: Nev Borg and Barry Finlay.

1st Round: Sue Papper and Sue Hunter.

2nd Round: Betty and Peter Petersen.

Kitty: 1st. R Burt.

2nd: Sue Hunter.

Raffle: No.40 $100 Paul Finlay.

The kitty now jackpots to $420.

Saturday, February 6 Mens Social.

Winner: Col Macnamara and Brian Collings.

Run Up's: Mark Hancock and Lloyd Ogilvie.

Raffle: No.8 $100 SAGS (Proserpine).

Barefoot bowls can be made by bookings at reception. Tel: 0749548677.

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