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26 June, 2021

Mud Crab union to host Ladies Night

THE Mackay Cities and Bowen Mud Crab rugby union teams will be the ones taking to the field at Quarry Hill tomorrow night (in the June 25 edition), but the toast of the night will be the ones who do most of the hard work behind the scenes.

To celebrate and thank the women who help make it all happen Mackay City Rugby Union will host a Ladies Night – and, there is wine!

That’s right!

The mothers, grandmothers, carers, wives and girlfriends who put in a huge effort behind the scenes to make sure the players are ready to run on each week, will treated to a glass of wine with fruit and cheese platters to nibble from!

Mackay City Rugby Union Football Club member James Heron said it would be a fitting tribute to the women of the sport.

“This will be a thank you to the girlfriends, mothers and wives of the players; to let them enjoy themselves, as they are a big part of any community sport,” Heron said.

“It’s not the first time it has been done by various clubs, but we just thought it would be nice to bring back this treat for the ladies.”

With the Mackay Cites team names grand finalists for 2020, the weekend’s game is expected to be a fantastic match up, with a strong and friendly rivalry between the two teams.

These teams will be gunning for a win with both teams giving it there all tomorrow and with such mutual respect neither team is looking to lose an inch of ground.

Kick off is 3pm Saturday.

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