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20 June, 2021

Great morning run at sensational park

MACKAY Road Runners and The Lost Bunyips Trail runners had a great morning out at the sensational Rowallan Park complex where over sixty runners challenged themselves to a 5k and 10k cross country trail run.

The 2.5km  loop style course set by several of the The Lost Bunyips including Martin Lambert, Tim Caddy, Peter Shuttlewood,  Thomas Wendt and crew was found to be a testing event including many rocky and grassy undulations with several serious challenging ascents and descents.

Mackay Road Runners Club Vice President, Vicki Vickers, Treasurer, Arthur Dick and Asset Facilitator, Andrew Short joined with Race Directors, Thomas Wendt, Ainslie Heinke and Martin Lambert to stage a very successful trail running event where runners from five to over seventy years old enjoyed the awesome stage of Rowallan Park and it's spectacular backdrops. 

Thomas Wendt had the pleasure of sending runners on their way from a scratch start towards their first testing incline before making their way through the winding rain forest and open grassy hills.

Junior runners Oliver Rule and his brother Toby Rule were in fine form as they lead the field through the first loop with Cristian Smith, Hamish Donnollan, Luke Leven, Justin Rule, Paul Mackenzie, Michael Feenaghty, Ainslie Heinke, Gavan Porter and Lily Leven hot on their heels.

The final result saw the lead group position change several times, with eventual winners of the 10km being Cristian Smith and Demi Caldwell.

The five kilometre field was impressive with Leven siblings taking out gold in their respective categories ahead of Gavan Porter, Ross Connor, Peter Heinke, Peter Wright, Jenny Harmer and Melissa Harris.

Excellent racing also came from Mitchell Evetts who was 2nd overall in the 10km, second and third placed females Ainslie Heinke and Glynis Forse.

Robin Stinson put in a huge performance as did Paul Butler, Greame Harris, Lee Taylor, Jose Short, Shane Dodds,  Peter Ellison, Graham Wicks, Merv Shields, Emily Wicks, Angus Wicks, Sarah Shuttlewood, Scott McIntosh, Teresa Hackney, Heli Talinurm, Andrew Short, Alan Zamparutti and Lizanne Kenworthy.

Talented trail running athletes also included Leon Sant, Danielle Croker, Anastasia Heikkila, Sarah Murrell, Zane Moor, Ruth Ey, David Hingst, Wendy Conroy, Amelia Tatnell, Brendan Smith, Susan Peterson, Sharyn Bunt, Cheryl Haupt,Crystal Hawkins, Kirsty Mawer, Ollie Gorrion, Alleny Gorrion, Natina Townley Bianca Dal Ponte and Hayley  Wilson.

The 2km event for the juniors was a hotly contested affair with Heidi Wilson cheering on the sideline for her elder siblings Yasmin and Sienna taking out the top two placings over all, followed by first male Toby Heinke.

Outstanding performances also came form fellow junior athletes and up and coming Lost Bunyips, Oliver Graves, Amelia Shuttlewood, Georgina Shuttlewood and Elise Tarlington. Congratulations to all the kids and adults who ran and supported their families.

Many thanks to the Cafe2U Vendors for being on hand once again to serve the hoards of needy runners and supporters with coffees, lattes and frappes as well as the barbeque chef dishing up the yummy sausage sizzle.

Many thanks also to the Race Directors for not allowing the weather to be too cold and no rain to dampen the track.

This Sunday's running program heads to Vassallo Drive, Northview where the Bishops will generously host the 5km/15km/30km Club Championship event.

Runners and supporters are invited to purchase red icy cup treats from The Icy Cup Guys, which are apparently better than generic sports drinks, although no warranties will be offered. 

Millie Bishop will also be selling her 'race faster' scrunchies with all proceeds from the icy cups and scrunchies going toward The Cathy Freeman Foundation.

There will be a flyer distributed throughout the week via social media to confirm further race details including start times, etc....

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