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4 June, 2021

Cousins to face off in local rugby league

Local rugby league senior teams Carltons and Sarina are striving for a win in round seven this coming Sunday at Mackay Junior Rugby League Field Five.

By Jacob Cumner

Isacc Fatnowna of Carltons faces off with his cousin Schae Mawer of Sarina


Representatives from both teams met today (Friday) at BB Print Stadium for a press conference.

And it’s going to be cousin against cousin, with members of the same family playing on opposing sides.

 Carltons’ Assistant Coach Isacc Fatnowna said it is going to be be a tough competition due to the friendships between members of the two clubs.

 “We haven't played Sarina since the trails and we did it a bit tough that week,” he said.

 “We have since put together a few strong teams over the season, (with) this team being the best one we've put together,” Fatnowna said.

 He said with competition so tight for these players it definitely looks like there could be a losing margin of either two points or twenty.

 Sarina Hooker Schae Mawer said he hopes to come away with a win to follow on from last weekend’s victory. 

 “Hopefully we can start a little better. We have been struggling in the first halves, so if we can start stronger it will give us a stronger finish in the end,” Mawer said.

 “I think Carltons is stronger across the board, a lot of older faces in their team so they are a lot smarter.

 “They really don’t want you down their end, so when you get a chance, you got to take it,” Mawer said. 








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