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4 July, 2021

Bare Bones, big heart

BARE Bones Racing is a father, daughter race team was formed when Katelyn the main driver was injured through dancing.

She was told there would be no more physical sports that involved running and jumping.

She then began searching for a new sport and off-road buggy rac- ing caught her attention.

Dad Les, the navigator, was hesitant but because Katelyn was a junior racer and needed a fully li- censed navi, it was all systems go.

The team purchased a little 900cc RZR Polaris buggy in 2018.

Les got a feel for being behind the wheel and loved every minute of it.

He even managed to place on the podium.

The team struck a deal wherreby Les was allowed to race one race a year at Carnage Park in Sarina and Katelyn got to race every other race.

Katelyn raced two races later that year, striking it lucky like her dad had earlier in the year.

In 2019 the decision was made to purchase yet another buggy to become more competitive, a 1000cc RZR Polaris.

Since then the team have competed in the Queensland championships, Gladestone short course champi- onships and Carnage Park.

At the end of 2020 Katelyn picked up third in ladies outright for the Queensland championships.

However, it doesn’t all come down to Katelyn’s driving.

It’s the countless hours Les spends in the shed getting the buggy ready for a race and those last minute repairs.

Katelyn is forever grateul for dad, Les.

“Dad is my amazing navi, my mechanic and he holds the bank of dad,” she said.

The team’s mission is to show people that you can race on a budget, you don’t have to have the flashes set up, and most importantly girls can drive too.

Bare Bones will be attending the Newman Excavation 100 on July 16-18 in Moranbah, in the hope to place well in the North Queensland championships.

All competing racecars will be parked in Moranbah town square on the 16th from 6-9pm for public display. Feel free to catch up with the team either in town square or at the track.

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