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11 June, 2021

Technology making life easier

ARE you a fan of technology? In 2021 and beyond technology makes our life far more organised and accessible than ever before. We have connected - appliances, locks, lighting and security cameras we can watch from anywhere and that is just a start.

Most of these items are all able to be connected to your smartphone so it is only inevitable that our energy production and consumption should also be connected. The Snap Monitoring App once connected gives you the ability to see exactly what is happening with your solar system.

Will you be curious about how well your solar installation is working? Do you wonder how much sunshine is being converted into electricity for your home? What about once you have a battery installed, will you want to see how much energy you have stored in the battery. What about if on the rare occasion there is an issue with your solar, the monitoring system will be able to tell you!

We have found that people who are interested in renewable energy also are interested in seeing how well their systems are performing. In designing your solar installation we can include our app connecting you and your smartphone to your energy usage and performance.

Snap Monitoring uses the latest advancements in technology to live stream your energy usage and costs, so you can check them anytime, from anywhere. With 24/7 back to base monitoring, Snap Solar gives you unparalleled support and ensures you get the most out of your solar solutions.

If you are someone who loves to see technology working and have the ability to monitor your energy production, then your connected home solution is Snap Monitoring. Ask the team how we can install your solar and get you connected to your energy through our app.

In taking the time to look after the environment and produce clean energy you deserve to see exactly how well you are doing it too.

By Snap Solar

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