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Real Estate & Business

2 February, 2021

Mackay Local News is here for all of your real estate needs

Mackay Local News provides the latest local information, news and updates and has a real estate and property section supporting the region.

By John Bell

The team at Mackay Local News is here to help. Photo: Andrew Sorensen

Out every Friday, our Real Estate Guide showcases all that local real estate agents have on offer to buy, lease or develop.

"If you would like to see your property displayed throughout the Isaac, Whitsunday, Dysart and Mackay (regions), then The Mackay Local News is the economic and successful choice,"  Advertising/Sales Representative Brooke Cousins said.

"The Mackay Local News has a range of great advertising options to support your sales aims and sales targets," Advertising/Sales Representative Susannah Binkley said.


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