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6 May, 2021

Innovative entrepreneur to share the recipe for running a successful business.

Business leader and Eagle Boys founder Tom Potter prefers anchovies over pineapple on his pizza.

As one of Australia’s most innovativeentrepreneurs, Mr Potter will share a few slices of business advice at The Networking Evening with Tom Potterin Moranbah and Clermont as part of SmallBusiness Month in the Isaac region.

Mr Potter will be one of range of presenters during Small Business Month, kicking off this week in the Isaac region supported by Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3),Isaac Regional Council and the Local Buying Foundation.

GW3 chief executive officer Ms Kylie Porter said small businesses arethemainstays of regions like Isaac and there were a large number of events planned to ensure all small businesses had a chance to connect.

“For example, we are providing the Isaac small businesses with two opportunities to hear from world-class entrepreneur Tom Potter with two separate events planned for Moranbah and Clermont on the 13th and 14th of May,” Ms Porter said.

“The Networking Evening with Tom Potter and other workshops aregreat resources to encourage Isaac small businesses to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit and bounce back from a turbulent year.

Isaac Regional Council Ms Mayor Anne Baker said COVID-19 has taught businesses and industry to be more resilient than ever.

“We’re a diverse and fiercely independent region that continues to rise to the social and economic challenges thanks to COVID-19,” Mayor Baker said.

“Through these incredibly tough times, our mum-and-dad enterprises and their hard work in the Isaac region has been vital in maintaining both the Queensland and Australian economies.

“Some of our own small businesses have faced hardship and we will continue to support our communities as and when needed especially through these empowering workshops and events with GW3 and Local Buying Foundation."

Ms Baker said these initiatives that Council supports are part of theirStrategic COVID Recovery Plan. Mr Potter will bring his no-nonsense approach and share his extraordinary storywhile in the region.

Mr Potter said one of the biggest factors that has helped him be successful was starting earlier than all others and finishing later.

Not afraid of change and pivoting in business Mr Potter during the height of theCOVID-19 pandemic last year launched hisnew business venture Pizza Guardians.

And it is this venture that is his current goal, one that excites him.“Another goalI haveis applying social media and digital marketing.

“One change small business can make right now,is to pay more attention to marketing,” he said.

Tom Potter, founder of Australia owned Eagle Boys Pizza, left school at 15 and found himself jobless at 23.

He opened his first pizza shop in Albury, New South Wales in 1987 and proceeded to build his business to become Australia and New Zealand’s largest privately owned pizza company.

Fast forward 34 years later and he is still here, and part of the reason is his most valuable lesson-to ‘continuously evolve’. Mr Potter said his advice for Isaac’s small business community was to adaptand pivot.

“Take a good look through your customers eyes and ask yourself if you stand out like a zebra amongst horses in your field.

“Also allocate time to think and strategize,” he said.

Another slice of wisdom from Mr Potter on how to make room and learn while leading was to start early, 5am to be precise.

Small Business Month workshops and events cover a wide range of topicsincluding designing your own business roadmap; how to write business grants; social media and marketing; cyber security and how Human Resources can drive your business performance.

All workshops will be recorded for future download and viewing.For more information on the Small Business Month online workshops or to book your seat to The Networking Evening with Tom Potter visit here.

Greater Whitsunday Alliance is the region’s peak independent economic development body committed to making the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region strong for generations.

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