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29 January, 2021

Are these Australia’s best cupcakes?

Their stock in trade out at the Sarina Pie Shop is pies.

Barry (the baker) Mooney and his staff at the Sarina Pie Shop, including Elvina Mooney and Rowena Miosge, make some great pies but they’ve received high praise for their freshly baked and iced cupcakes as well.

And they have some very good ones.

Typically, the plain pie is their best seller but the specialty pies including the Chunky Beef, Beef Stroganoff, Lamb, Pepper Steak and Cheese and Bacon pies are all winners as well.

But who knew?

The little Sarina Pie Shop, in the middle of Broad Street, opposite the Big Cane Toad, might just be producing Australia’s best cupcakes!

And we have got it on good authority from visitors, seen chowing down on the festive looking and great tasting cakes out front last week, that they are the best they have ever tasted.

So, what is the secret?

‘Barry the Baker’, owner of the pie shop, Barry Mooney, says he uses a standard plain sponge recipe for the cakes but acknowledged the icing could be the secret.

“We go for a creamy icing which people really seem to like,” said Barry last week.

And another thing, because the baker and his son Nathan Mooney work on premises, they can turnaround and prepare some fresh cupcakes through the day as required.

You can not beat fresh!

Barry has been running the business for 13 years, but he has not always been a baker.

He previously worked for Home Assist Secure, helping aged or people with a disability who wish to stay at home, and prior to that he was 20 years with the railways, working as a relief station master.

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