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11 March, 2021

Dysart tradie proud as punch for her award

ANGE Daley was the winner for the exceptional trade/technician/operator in Queensland Resources for the Women in Resources Awards.

By Andrew Sorensen

The Dysart exploration/blast hole driller has 15 years experience in the industry.

She spent her childhood on her uncle and aunts property prepared her for a career in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated.

Often the only women in a drill team, Ange has led innovative projects that have contributed to the development of the Australian mining industry.

“I was on the project team responsible for bringing a first of its kind, multi-pass autonomous drill rig to site where I oversaw the unpacking, training, monitoring and reviewing of the machinery,” Ange said.

“I’ve had the privilege of teaching, mentoring and guiding workers in the mining industry from different cultures all over the world.

"Despite this, I haven’t met many female drillers and I strongly believe that diversity in our industry needs to improve.

“To contribute to driving this change, I became a trainer and assessor to help represent women in higher level roles.

"I want to inspire women who are entering the industry to aim for non-traditional roles, especially leadership positions.

"Two years ago, I was diagnosed with relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which is a disease that can potentially disable the brain and spinal cord.

"When I was diagnosed, I thought my drilling career was over. Luckily with advances in medical science, I can live a normal and active life.

“I was never going to let my illness stop me or derail my career, and I use MS as inspiration to work even harder.

“My partner and I live in the Whitsundays and we love to spend time together with our families outdoors where we fish and camp.

"We are looking forward to our next adventure of starting a family too.

“I’m confident that I can have a family and continue my career, and I’m determined to make this a reality."

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