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Mining & Industry

1 March, 2021

Coal mining jobs 'assured'

QUEENSLAND coal mining jobs are safe and coal mines will not close, despite Prime Minister Scott Morrison's latest promises of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

By John Bell

Senator Matt Canavan, Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal's, Steve Rae and Dawson MP, George Christensen.

Queensland Senator, Matt Canavan has sternly rebuked the PM’s promise as’ unrealistic wishful thinking dream, that the National Party MP’s will never allow to happen, as we protect jobs in country areas.

“To achieve zero emissions by 2050, every single Queensland and Australian coal mine would have to close, every coal mining job would be crucified, plus there will be no coal exports and that’s just not going to happen,” Senator Canavan warned.

“It’s a mythical target, where world leaders are making promises that they will not be around to deliver!

“Statistics demonstrate that the rest of the world is not taking these promises seriously and instead, countries throughout the world continues to use coal.

“For example, developing countries like Vietnam is building 17 seven new coal fired power stations in addition to its seven existing coal powered electricity generators.

“Zero emissions by 2050 means that Australia will be left with unreliable alternative electricity, which is incapable of providing massive amounts of power to protect factory jobs, or affordable electricity for heating and air-conditioning.

“I will not see my Queensland country towns put on the altar and sacrificed to satisfy the moral guilt of dreamers in Sydney and Melbourne, so they can sleep at night, all because Australia produces fossil fuels.

“Dreamers in Melbourne in Sydney will first have to close their airports and highways to reduce emissions.”

Senator Canavan explained that while China publicly supports zero emissions by 2050, the truth is that China has 104 new coal fired power stations under construction, or about two new coal fired power stations every week.

“In just past year, China has brought online more coal fired power stations which produce more electricity than throughout Australia.

“It’s a mythical target in 30-years time, plus there is no serious way that Australia reach it with offsets like planting trees.

“India is building 28 new coal fired power stations, the Philippines has 13 new coal fired power stations under construction. Turkey is building 29 new coal powered electricity stations and Indonesia 52.

“India is another China coming down the road with 300 million people seeking cheap coal fired electricity to turn on of the lights and then there is massive future demand for coal in Africa.

Coal Industry and Job Facts:

  • The number of people employed in mining jumped by 22,000, or by nearly 10 percent in three months to November 2020, or 264,000 more jobs for Australians
  • Coal mining was the standout employment growth during this period, jumping by 25 percent to employ an extra 11,000 Queenslanders and a total of 62,000 across Australia
  • The value of Australian coal exports between November and December last year increased by 26 percent.
  • Wespac states that Queensland coal miners have out manoeuvred China’s coal ban and benefited from a 50 percent spike in metallurgical coal prices
  • Metallurgical coal, used for steel production), is now selling for up to US$154 per tonne from past lows of US$93 per tonne
  • While coal exports EX Gladstone to China fell by one million tonnes in the past three months, coal exports to India and South Korea jumped from 1.4 million tonnes and 1.6 million tonnes respectively in 2020, to more than two million tonnes each
  • Queensland coal exports were up by 19 percent in November
  • International coal prices have moved up, partly because China is buying coal from the US at above market rates
  • China has replaced Australian coal with coal from other countries, which has left a gap for Australian coal miners to fill
  • The Queensland state government budget is heavily reliant on royalties from coal mines
  • There is abroad trend for metallurgical coal (to make steel) accounting for 60 to 70 percent of Queensland’s coal exports

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