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11 June, 2021

Unlicenced Mackay man avoids jail time

AN unlicenced Mackay Man, has avoided jail for causing a near head crash between a Toyota Landcruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero towing a caravan.

The Mackay Magistrates Court heard that Peter John Tufuga admitted to falling asleep at the wheel and veering into the lane of an oncoming car.

The Police Prosecutor told the court that Tufuga woke and swerved to avoid a collision, but that the driver of the Mitsubishi towing the caravan lost control of the car and left the highway, although there were no injuries.

The Mackay Magistrate fined Mr Tufuga a total of $1,300 and suspended a potential drivers licence for one month, for driving without a licence and for driving without due care and attention.

The Magistrate said that normally these offences would incur a heavy fine and a lengthy disqualification.

But he took into consideration that Mr Tufuga has been having difficulty getting a drivers licence due to an ongoing medical condition.

However the Magistrate issued a stern warning that any more offences of driving without a licence will incur a very heavy fine or a prison sentence.

The Magistrate also took into account that Tufuga had a previous conviction for driving without a licence six years earlier, plus three speeding tickets and a 0.05 drink driving charge.

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