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5 July, 2021

Two alleged North Queensland drug traffickers released from custody

Two alleged North Queensland drug traffickers have been released from custody and bailed to reappear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on July 28.

Robert John Curtis and Jack William Richmond are expected to then be committed for trial in the Supreme Court on charges of possessing 90 grams of methamphetamines, 200 grams of cannabis and $5,000 in $50 notes.

Curtis and Richmond face two charges of possessing dangerous drugs, three charges of supplying dangerous drugs, possessing of property for trafficking or supplying dangerous drugs, receiving property obtained from the supply of dangerous drugs, possession of goods for use to commit a crime and possession of property suspected used in a drug offence.

However, Richmond will remain in custody for a further 14 days or until July 19, as his lawyer told the Mackay Magistrates Court that Richmond is serving a sentence on another matter where parole was cancelled from January and his full time release date was in two week’s time.

Curtis and Richmond’s bail conditions included not traveling beyond the Central Highlands region, be drug free, have no contact with each other, pus regular reporting to the police.

Curtis and Richmond were arrested on March 28 and the police prosecutor successfully opposed bail on last Friday (May 2).

Last Friday, the police prosecutor told the Mackay’s Magistrate Court that there was ‘a significant risk and a reasonable expectation that both Curtis and Richmond will commit similar offences if allowed out of custody as they had already demonstrated a non-compliance and defiance of court orders’.

“At the time of the arrest, Curtis was already on bail for possession of 3.3 grams of methamphetamines,” the prosecutor explained.

“Their criminal history includes conviction in March 2020 of drug offences.

“These include Curtis appearing before the court for other offences including possession of cannabis on February 30 and on November 4, 2020, for possession of a weapon being a knife in a public place, possession of anything used to commit a crime, plus possession of property suspected as being from the proceeds of a crime.

“Bail was also opposed as there is an elevated situation of possession of dangerous drugs of three different types, including LSD.”

The prosecutor told the court that ‘Curtin and Richmond were arrested with a substantial quantity of illegal drugs and that even if the 90 grams of methamphetamines was cut in half, it would still be considered a commercial quantity.

“Further, a search of their vehicle found a canister containing a large amount of crystalised substance or methamphetamines, a black zip case which contained $50 in $50 notes in a vacuumed bag, which is unusual, which is not an ordinary way to carry cash especially when next to illegal drugs.

“There is also no evidence that the money was being used for a lawful reason and Richmond is unemployed.

“More crystalised substance was found in a glasses case, plus when one of the defendants got out of the car and stood up, there were a quantity of unused clip sealed bags on the car seat.

“Then in the tray of the vehicle police found a black backpack with used needles, a set of electronic scales and a calibration weight, plus a vacuumed packed bag in a water cooler with a green leafy substance which appeared by be cannabis.”

At Last Friday’s court appearance, Magistrate Athol Kennedy interrupted the prosecutor to inquire if police had asked for the pin numbers of the defendants’ mobile phones.

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