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2 April, 2021

Road safety is the message for Easter

While you might be driving to your long-desired destination for the Easter holidays, road safety is important for everyone.

Speeding is one of the Fatal Five factors, with the others being drink/drug driving, seatbelt use, fatigue and distractions.

There is no doubt many families and will be on the road this Easter break heading to see other family members or going on a camping holiday.

Police are appealing to all road users to remember the Fatal Five and regularly check your speed limit to get to and from your destination safely.

Sergeant Nigel Dalton said police will be highly visible this Easter and their presence on the roads is there to make sure you get to your destination.

“Don’t meet a police officer this Easter because you were unsafe on the road and broke a road rule,” he said.

“Have a great Easter break if you do have time off over the weekend.”

Police will be carrying out large scale road stops on main roads targeting drink and drug driving and will also be policing the rural roads in an effort to keep every on safe this Easter.

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