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14 May, 2021

Petition targets Holts Road 'danger zone'

FRUSTRATED Richmond drivers have petitioned the Mackay Regional Council to install a new turning lane at Holts Road.

By Andrew Sorensen

Holts Road is the subject of a petition to Council

An April 28 report understood drivers complained about poor road visibility and safety on Holts Road, at the intersection of Palm Ridge Drive.

The report acknowledged the petition was received a week before, but said the petition met their requirements.

“It is legible and has more than 25 signatures,” the report said.

Transport and Main Roads provided Data to the Mackay Local News which showed 150 Mackay drivers were hospitalised after a crash.

A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said seven lives were lost to car crashes last year in the Mackay region.

“There can be any number of contributing circumstances recorded for a single unit and hence multiple circumstances per crash,” the spokesman said.

He explained that a crash has “a complex contributing and casual factors.

“46 (29.3 percent) were angle type crashes and 46 (29.3 percent) were hit object type crashes,” he said.

“103 (65.6 percent) involved drivers/riders who disobeyed road rules, 38 (24.2 percent) were alcohol/drug related and 30 (19.1 percent) involved distracted/inattentive drivers/riders.”

The Mackay Regional Council report investigated the conditions and acknowledged many “anecedotal near miss incidents”.

The report said “The unsafe situation was highlighted recently by a multi vehicle accident.

“Palm Ridge Drive is a Cul De Sac which intersects Holt Road at the western toe of a low ridge and at the end of a curve, which means poor visibility for west bound traffic.

“Vehicles turning into Palm Ridge Drive are often required to stop to give way to east bound traffic.

“Traffic along Holts Road has increased significantly in recent times, particularly since the opening of the Ring Road.

“This increase, which has a high proportion of heavy vehicles, is very noticeable at the intersection of Glendarragh Road and the Bruce Highway.”

The Mackay Regional Council said they would look into Holts Road in the future to reduce the number of near misses and accidents.

“The petitioners, through their lead petitioner, be informed that Council acknowledges receipt of the Petition and that it has been accepted as a formal submission.

“The issues raised will be addressed in the report to be tabled before Council in the future.”

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