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22 June, 2021

Pat Weir concerned about keswick island condition

Condamine MP Pat Weir today visited Keswick Island, but was concerned about its condition.

“The residents have continued to raise those issues. The (State) minister (for Natural Resources) basically assured that everything is going swimmingly and all concerns are being addressed,” Mr Weir said.

“That is not what we have heard today. There is a breach of agreements, there are long delays – there’s not a satisfactory by any stretch of the imagination.”

Mr Weir said there was allegations of environmental breaches on the island “that have not been fully investigated or addressed”.

“We will pursuing back in the parliament, on the behalf of a number of islands… an inquiry into the management of all of them,” he said.

“It’s up to the government to take it up – we’ll be calling for it, we are obviously in opposition but we will be calling for an inquiry into the management of our off-shore islands in Queensland.

“We’ll probably ask the committee to do it, a committee self-preferred to the inquiry and we’ll be calling on the government to support that.”

“We are getting issues from Double Island in the north all the way to Stradbroke Island in the south.”

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