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11 June, 2021

Local motel benefits from new grant

SUPPORT from the Morrison Government has enabled Mackay’s motels and hotels an opportunity to reduce their energy costs.

Frank Romeo planned on spending some of the grant on new air conditioners

This support comes from the $10.2 million Hotel Energy Uplift Program, which was eligible for businesses with up 99 to rooms.

The grants would help fund projects that will provide genuine and lasting energy savings and reduce operating costs for local hotels.

Businesses will be able to lower their energy bills by upgrading to more energy-efficient air-conditioning, refrigeration and equipment.

In addition, they also have opportunities to improve the building through double glazing and insulation, carrying out energy audits or installing energy monitoring equipment.

Island Properties director Frank Romeo said he applied for a grant to help reduce energy costs at Tropic Coast Motel.

Mr Romeo said “It’s great (and) it’s fantastic” the opportunities this grant provides Tropic Coast Motel.

Mr Romeo is hoping the new air conditioners will keep energy costs down.

He said he planned on spending some of the grant on modern air conditioning, but was currently waiting to discuss installation.

“The energy cost up there – when you got them the clientele coming in – it’s running 24 hours a day,” Mr Romeo Said.

“Whether it be summer or winter, you either got heating or air conditioning, the electricity bills get exorbitantly high.

He said he hoped this grant would enable them to “reduce their electricity account quite substantially”.

“With the new energy saving type one inverters, they can sense heating and cooling at various stages and what people do too they put them too maximum (temperature) and it doesn’t work properly,” he said.

“We still got in some rooms...some of the old (air conditioner) boxes...they’re not really energy efficient.”

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