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7 July, 2021

MP urges government to draw a line on vaccine certificates

FEDERAL Member for Dawson George Christensen is urging the Federal Government to protect our individual rights and freedoms in relation to vaccine certificates and make it illegal for anyone to demand access to a person’s medical history.

“I have written to both the Prime Minister and Health Minister to voice my strong objection to any form of vaccine passport or certificate stressing that it is both a breach of privacy and discriminatory to restrict movements or access based on people’s medical decisions,” Mr Christensen said.

The letter follows Mr Christensen’s campaign against the use of vaccine passports or certificates with the petition against such measures garnering more than 33,000 signatures.

The letter states: ‘It is discriminatory for anyone, governments and private corporations alike, to refuse service or exclude people because of their medical decisions or because they refused to show their medical records.’

‘I believe this will create an Australia of haves and have nots - a vaccine apartheid if you will’.

Mr Christensen proposed two concrete measures to allay the concerns of Australians who value their privacy and their freedom.

  1. Place a ban on anyone, governments, and private corporations alike, demanding access to a vaccine certificate and
  2. Make it illegal for anyone, governments, and private corporations alike, to discriminate against an individual because they refuse to produce a certificate.

Mr Christensen said he could not over-emphasize the importance of the issue.

“I cannot emphasize enough how strongly many people feel that these protections against breach of privacy and against discrimination should be put in place when it comes to the vaccine certificate,” he said.

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