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3 July, 2021

Looks like long wait

SHOPPERS hoping for a new supermarket to arrive in Mackay could be waiting a while.

An Aldi spokeswoman told The Mackay Local News there were no plans to open any stores in North Queensland in the near future.

“We will always consider the feasibility of new locations, however at this stage, Aldi has no plans to open stores in North Queensland,” the spokesman said.

Mackay Regional Council Mayor Greg Williamson revealed to media last week Council had spoken to Aldi twice in the past six months and a property acquisition manager visited the region for discussions.

Mayor Williamson said the main problem Aldi had was they did not have a distribution centre. He said the supermarket chain planned to open in Mackay, Townsville and Cairns once a distribution centre was set up.

However, he said he was un- certain of where this centre would be located.

Mackay Region Chamber of Commerce secretary Cathy Sulli- van said consumers would benefit greatly if Aldi came to the region.

“We see Aldi coming to Mack- ay as a positive for our region, as it will create healthy supermarket competition, which may assist in driving prices down at the other chain stores,” she said.

“It will also provide additional jobs, with the flow on effects benefiting the local economy.”

Mackay Local News asked a number of shoppers what they thought about the possiblity of Aldi coming to Mackay.

Shoppers said they were excit-ed about the low prices and Aldi’s famous discounts.

Mackay shopper Bart Methurst said what he loved about the idea of an Aldi store in Mackay was the competition it would create for Coles and Woolworths.

“I think it’s a great idea, hon- estly, because it’s going to be lot cheaper than Coles and Woolies, which is taking over at the moment,” Mr Methurst said.

“I wouldn’t know at the mo- ment (about prices), but I know it’s a lot cheaper than (what) Coles is.”

Jeanine Roff believes she would save a significant amount of money if Aldi were to come to Mackay.

“I’ve never really been to an Aldi (store), so I don’t know but I will be excited to see (their low prices),” Mrs Roff said.

“It’ll be great, I reckon. Just something different for Mackay.”

The nearest Aldi store currently is located in Rockhampton.

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