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6 July, 2021

Local businesses suffer break-ins

WHILE the team at Bullet Bikes cleaned up their Gordon Street business after it was ramraided by thieves this week, Mackay Police are hunting for those responsible.

A police spokesperson said police had made a public appeal for information about the incident.

The owner of the business declined to comment, however the owners and employees of neighbouring businesses, in the Milton-Gordon-Peel street areas, told Mackay Local News this was just the latest in a list of similar attacks on their business properties in the “past couple of years”.

Elders Insurance Mackay sales sup- port and claim officer Josh Smith said although the business he worked for had not been broken into, he had handled the insurance claims for businesses which had been.

“A lot of our clients (in this area) have had break ins,” Mr Smith said.

“Coming from an insurance per- spective, it looks like lot of them are planned, it’s not just random acts – and it’s not kids doing it for fun.

“It’s definitely targeted.”

Corry’s Cycles co-owner Ryan Corry said his business, located right on the corner of Milton and Gordon streets, diagonally opposite the Showgrounds, had been broken into “a few times”.

“Yeah, we’ve had a couple of break- ins here, at this current location, which right in town,” Mr Corry said.

“There’s been a couple of different ones: they smashed a side window and crawled in; and then there was another time when they smashed the door.”

“I think it is just about convenience – they grabbed the closest bike to the door and made their way out.”

Like most of his neighbouring business operators, the reasons behind these break and enters remained a mystery, however, he said there needed to be tougher punishment for offenders.

Aussie Home Loans Mackay office manager Kay Direen said that although her office had not been targeted directly, she felt for her neighbours who had been and wondered if the offenders were people who were doing it tough,seeking out cash and items they could easily sell.

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