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22 June, 2021

LNP members meets with Keswick Island residnets

LIBERAL National Party members today visited Keswick Island to meet with Keswick Island Progress Association (KIPA).

Pat Weir and Amanda Camm in a past conversation

Whitsunday MP Amanda Camm and fellow members, Fiona Simpson and Pat Weir, talked with concerned residents and sublesses, who are members of KIPA, about island accessibility.

“What was the most concerning (about) the inspection – we had a look around the Island, it was around the issues of accessibility,” Ms Camm said.

“Residents on that island have very limited options to access their own home, on and off the island.

“A boat ramp that really is well beyond par – access to the boat ramp which is not safe from an accessibility (point of view), even walking is dangerous to walk to.”

She said the challenges island residents faced were affordability “to access the island, whether it be helicopter only”.

“The airstrip is closed also to those that have private aircraft for some time. It really is a failing of the Labour Government in the existing conditions of the head lease, which they should be upholding and they should be regulating (and) enforcing with head lesse,” she said.

The Whitsunday MP said “Residents in our local community should have access to their home, but also to major services they need on the main land”.

“We’ve seen the return of a vessel that goes over now on a Friday and goes back on a Monday. The overall accessibility of the island has not changed in several years,” she said.

“That is disappointing. I did speak with the onsite manager briefly, who said they are looking at other aviation options onto the island, I know the residents are keenly awaiting for that.

Ms Camm said it was frustrating for residents, who had a boat or pilots license, were unable to moor or fly their aircraft into the island.

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