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21 June, 2021

Lack of Infrastructure Investment for Greater Whitsunday Region in State Budget

THE Member for Whitsunday, Amanda Camm MP, was joined today by Member for Condamine, Pat Weir MP in the Mackay region.

They met with local industry leaders in the METS sector and visited the Resources Centre of Excellence, to hear more about their contribution to the local economy and need for Queensland Government investment.

“The recent state budget saw a $4 billion cut to infrastructure. The Peak Downs Highway is economic infrastructure that needs significant investment to ensure ease of access and connectivity for local businesses in the Greater Whitsunday region.” Ms Camm said.

“The State Government must improve oversize and overmass permits to ensure mining products get to and from the port and Paget more efficiently.”

Pat Weir MP also highlighted the contribution of the resources sector to the region and State Government through royalties.

“Queensland is a strong resources State and Mackay is a very strong resources centre. It is very impressive to see industry investing in technology.” Mr Weir said.

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