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3 June, 2021

Home break in, South Mackay

Between 6pm on June 1 and 3am Wednesday, June 2, a home on Ready Street, South Mackay was broken into.

Entry was gained into the home after opening a downstairs sliding window.

Once inside the home, a quick search resulted in locating a set of keys hanging on a hook in the kitchen.

Further items were stolen from within the kitchen including personal cards and identification.

The unknown intruder continued searching throughout the home after this point and stole a Apple iPhone from a bedside table while the resident was sleeping nearby.

Anyone who may have information about this matter is encouraged to contact police as soon as possible.

Property offenders are known to methodically check doors and windows for likely entry points. Unlocked doors and unsecured windows are their targets.

The basic security measures that a home owner can take are often the most frustrating for the potential burglary.

If you witness any suspicious activity at any time of the day please report the matter as soon as possible.

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