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22 January, 2021

Hay Point Road petition highlights turning risk

There has been an additional $1 billion committed to road and infrastructure projects in the state’s COVID-19 recovery package for the Mackay-Whitsunday region.

Steve Andrew
Member for Mirani, Steve Andrew, has called for the urgent upgrading of the T-intersection of Hay Point Road with Benson Road to avoid damage to property, injury or worse.

But, notwithstanding projects like the $497 million Mackay Ring Road, praised recently in the Mackay Regional Council by Cr Martin Bella, there is still a lot to be done.

And in State Parliament in the past few weeks, Mirani MP Steve Andrew has tabled two petitions for serious road and intersection problems brought to him by his constituents.

“You’ve got this incredibly dangerous situation here on Hay Point Road at the right-hand, T-intersection into Benson Road,” Mr Andrew said.

“At peak times you’ve got people waiting to turn right into Benson Road with cranes, buses, trucks and cars whizzing past them from behind.

“I’m not prepared to wait until there’s a fatality here.

“I mean, they’re generating $93 billion annually at Hay Point and they can’t even bother to do a minor modification on the road here.”

Mr Andrew, the 50 residents of Benson Road and those who have signed the petition want a right-hand turning lane at Benson Road as soon as possible.

Addressed to the Speaker and Members, the petition reads as follows:

“Electors of Mirani draw to the attention of the House dangerous safety concerns for Hay Point Road and the right-hand T-intersection into Benson Road. 

"Hay Point Road carries all traffic including heavy vehicles transporting materials and earth-moving equipment in and out of Dalrymple Bay and Hay Point Coal Terminals.

“The section of road in question is a 100klm zone without a turning lane into Benson Road T-intersection.

"The residents of Benson Road, Coles Hill Drive, Fenech Avenue, Jamae Court and Biddle Court are in danger of collision, injury and damage to property when turning into Benson Road during peak periods as vehicles pass at speed on the left shoulder of the road in dirt and gravel.

“Rear-end collisions have already occurred as well as broken windows, side swiping, smashed windscreens and panel damage due to rocks being thrust up from high-speed vehicles passing on the left shoulder of the road while the turning vehicle is stationary.

“Residents believe they are risking their lives every time they turn into Benson Road T-intersection during peak periods.”

The petitions have urged the government to find the money for this necessary work “as matter of priority before a serious accident or worse occurs”.

Mr Andrew has also sponsored a petition for upgrading Anzac Avenue, Mirani.

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