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5 July, 2021

Happy drug daze

A MACKAY Magistrate has asked if a 31-year-old Pine River electrician appearing before her on serious illegal drug offences was another one of a hundreds of drug offenders from this year’s Happy Daze Music Festival.

In sentencing Lewis Giles Flynn, Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan said “you are one of perhaps 100 people who have been here” (to the Court).

“Police were conducting a roadside search of all vehicles going to the Happy Daze Festival,” the Magistrate explained.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan also cast doubt on the future of the Whitsunday’s Happy Daze music festivals and another Happy Daze, held on the May 28, 29 and 30 long weekend.

“Its not going to happen again, no one is going.”

The Happy Daze website described its three-day musical as an amazing psychedelic wonderland, located by the O’Connell River, near Lethebrook, 104 km north of Mackay.

“The Festival is created to provide a place to nurture oneself, communicate ideas, find personal power, and increase wellbeing through a variety of multi concurrent holistic activities designed to expand the mind, awaken the spirit and heal the soul,” the promotional website explained.

“There is three days of free camping, there will be no drugs, no ice...we understand that everyone parties differently however smoking ice lowers your vibration and we do not want it at our festivals.”

Lewis Giles Flynn pleaded guilty to a number of drug charges including possessing the illegal drugs LSD (popularly known as acid), MDMA (ecstasy), plus drug utensils, two grinders, a water pipe and brass pipe and cannabis.

The police prosecutor told the Mackay magistrate’s Court that Flynn was charged at its Bruce Highway roadside breathalis- er testing point at Yalboroo, 70 kilometres north of Mackay at 3:15pm on May 28, where following admissions of cannibis, police searched his Toyota Landcruiser.

“Police found cannabis on the front seat, six separate sealed bags containing 1.5 grams, plus 13 grams of lose green leaf material cannabis," the prosecutor said

“A drug detection dog did an initial search and found a sealed bag with caps of a crystal sub- stance in bags containing MDMA, one lolly containing LSD, plus drug utensils.

“The defendant declared that drugs in the centre console were obtained acquired prior to and a few days from a dealer who sup- plied the cannabis.

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