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26 March, 2021

George Christensen puts out call for Julieanne Gilbert and Queensland Government to declare support of Urannah Dam

FEDERAL Member for Dawson George Christensen has called for state Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert and the Palaszczuk Government to publicly declare whether they support the Urannah Dam project or not.

By Andrew Sorensen

Artists impression of Urannah Dam.

Mr Christensen said the Palaszczuk Labor Government still hasn’t applied for federal funding to support the project, despite promising they would before the State election in October.

“The Member for Mackay and her friends in Brisbane have talked about supporting this project, but now it’s come to the crunch they’re not following through with their promises,” said Mr Christensen.

“We’re now seeing reports in the media that the Palaszczuk Government has refused to back Urannah Dam after promising they would before the state election.

“I’m asking the Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert and the Palaszczuk Government; do you support the Urannah Dam project or not?”

Mr Christensen said he feared Urannah Dam would become another job-creating project left to stagnate under the Queensland Labor Government due to pressure from green activists.

“This project is going to provide 1,800 jobs, we’ve got people out of work and people struggling to make ends meet – I don’t want to see this become another Carmichael Mine situation where the Queensland Government sits on the fence and drags the chain for five years to appease the greens,” Mr Christensen said.

“It stacks up economically, it’s going to deliver jobs, sure up our water reserves, open up agricultural land and support resource projects.

“It should happen and it’s going to happen, so the Palaszczuk Government need to stop delaying the inevitable and get on board.”

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