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11 May, 2021

Funding for Urannah Dam is top priority

THE highest priority in terms of funding for water infrastructure in tonight’s Budget is Urannah Dam, and Federal MPs Michelle Landry and George Christensen have issued a last minute call for further support to ensure the project continues.

The MPs, who represent the regions where the dam will be built and the benefits will flow, have repeated the message penned in letters to the Deputy Prime Minister in late March and in late April.

The most recent sent on April 21 made the following call.

“We note the availability of funding under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund which aims to ‘contribute to Australia’s long-term economic growth and development by providing secure and affordable water through the construction of economically viable water infrastructure.’

“As this project has recognition from every level of government and will bring significant benefits to the electorates of both Capricornia and Dawson, we ask that serious consideration be given to providing further funding for Urannah Dam in the upcoming budget in order to get the project underway as soon as possible.”

“The Urannah Dam stands to deliver more than 1,800 jobs, open up 20,000 hectares of prime agricultural land and to provide water security for nearby towns and dozens of resource projects,” Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry said.

“It’s one of my priority projects in Capricornia.”

Member for Dawson George Christensen said providing further funding to get the project to shovel-ready stage was essential.

“We have the funding in the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund, and we have a project which will transform the Bowen/Whitsunday/Collinsville region,” Mr Christensen said.

“Let’s add one to the other and get on with it, because building dams to secure our future is a no-brainer.”

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