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6 July, 2021

Fines issues following high risk behaviour, Mackay City

A 24-year-old Cleveland man and a 23-year-old Mackay man were both issued with on the spot fines by police at 1.23am this morning (Tuesday, July 6) following an incident in Victoria Street, Mackay.

It is alleged that both men were present in a licensed venue when they have taken possession of two cartons of alcohol and a mannequin before finding a hatch which allowed them to access the buildings roof.

Both men allegedly climbed onto the roof, taking the alcohol and mannequin with them.

The men are further alleged to have abandoned the alcohol and mannequin on the roof prior to running and jumping onto a smaller nearby roof.

The activities of the two men were allegedly overheard by staff who contacted police.

On arrival, officers located the alcohol and mannequin on one roof, before discovering both men on a nearby smaller roof.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services were contacted to enable the two men to be retrieved safely from the rooftop.

Both men were issued with on the spot fines of $275 for participating in unregulated high risk behaviour.

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