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10 February, 2021

Exclusion zone put in place as truck rolls over carrying dangerous substance

Around 5.20am this morning, a truck rolled over at Fitzroy Development Rd, Valkyrie.

By Andrew Sorensen

Photo: Andrew Sorensen

Queensland Police service, in a statement, said the road is closed between Golf Mine and Moranbah Rd for the day.

A diversion has been set up and the Public Safety Preservation Act put in place.

A QFES spokeswoman said there was two crews on the scene, who were waiting for company representatives to arrive to enact their emergency plan.

The truck was carrying the mine explosive, ammonium nitrate emulsion, and a three km exclusion zone was set up.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesman said the truck driver was a male who extracted themselves out.

The driver is currently being assessed for shoulder and arm injuries, along with minor shock.

Emergency crews are currently carrying out the delicate operation of separating the prime mover from the trailers.

The risk of the ammonium nitrate emulsion igniting will be greatly reduced once removed.

Crews will then take on the lengthy task to empty the tanks.

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