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11 June, 2021

Don't poo poo our Windy Loo

Boulder Creek and Mt Charlton residents are battling to save their lone Boulder Creek picnic ground toilet.

Every popular picnic ground and swimming hole needs a dunny !

So help save the Boulder Creek picnic ground Windyloo bush toilet.

Justsign the petition at where the waters at Boulder Creek’s and the picnic ground are crystal clear.

Boulder Creek is also safer than the Mackay Regional Council’s toilet free Platypus Beach, where swimmers have been violently ill with dysentery caused by E coli infections after picnickers have toileted in the river.

Every year, over 100 picknickers celebrate Australia Day at Boulder Creek’s picturesque and beautiful picnic ground, which is on the old Bruce Highway route to the north.

Boulder Creek’s picnic ground and Boulder Creek were at times polluted by passers-by until in 1995, when local farmers held sausage sizzles to raise half the money to build a Windyloo bush toilet.

A local farmer, the late Eric Jackson and surrounding farmers even built five weatherproof concrete tables and seats, using a borrowed mould from Mirani Lions Club.

Then with the help of former Councilwoman, Joan Byers, the Pioneer Council were so impressed with the farmers submission that it totally funded Boulder Creek’s lone toilet.

Everything went well until April 14 this year, when the future of Boulder Creek’s pristine picnic ground and swimming hole fell under a cloud.

Save the Mt Charlton dunny picnic ground - Charles Haughton, Merv Colby, Barb Colby, Valmai Jackson, Sue Wynn and Chris Wynn.

The Mackay Regional Council wrote to surrounding residents condemning the toilet as dangerous and unsafe and fenced it off, as part of a wider review of Council’s remote toilets.

But it didn’t take too long before desperate tourists and motorists removed the Council fence so they could use Boulder Creek’s lone bush toilet and picnic ground.

The Council letter claimed that ‘due to safety concerns, the Windyloo bush toilet and water tank stand will be removed’.

“The Windyloo toilet is in very poor condition physical condition, several of the mountings securing the prefabricated structure to the foundation have failed.

Condemned dunny (Charles Houghton, Valmai Jackson, Chris Wynn, Sue Wynn, Merve Colby and Barb Colby

“This means that the structure could easily become airborne in high winds (as a flying dunny)…the condition of the timber framing had deteriorated.

“Given the risk to public safety, the Mackay Regional Council is planning to remove both structures.”

However distraught local farmers commissioned an independent engineering report arranged by farmers’ spokesman and lawyer, Charles Haughton.

“The Kuttabul Engineering report found that there are no safety risks or dangers to the public, plus that there is no timber framing to deteriorate,” Mr Houghton declared.

“All that is required is to replace small rusting steel feet or footings with stainless steel, which local farmers are about to do.”

The Mackay Regional Council’s letter also stated that ‘the parkland…(on the side of the road) is contained on private property and that the route used to access the swimming hole from the park also passes through the adjacent landholding’.

“This means that currently, members of the public are trespassing on private property when using the park or accessing the swimming hole.”

The condemned bush toilet is next to chrystal clear water at the the Mount Charlton picnic site (names to come) Charles Haughton, Chris Wynn, Valmai Jackson, Barb Colby and Sue Wynn

But Mr Haughton said that ‘the owner of the land, who is a neighbour, has never worried that part of the picturesque picnic site was on the edge of his sugar cane farm.

“We would be very grateful if more people would sign the petition on The Mackay Local News website’.

“Council has never responded to the petition that we filed with them.”

However the Mackay Regional Council Mayor, Greg Williamson, said ‘Council had received the Ratepayers’ petition and Council will work to find a resolution, which is complicated as part of the park is on private property’.

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