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7 July, 2021

Cracker of a case ends in fireworks

A MACKAY man has pleaded guilty to possessing fireworks at a party at the corner of Bucasia Dump Road and Hennesy Street in February this year.

A police prosecutor told the Mackay Magistrates Court that fireworks placed in a cross pattern on the road bay on the edge of a grass field, ready to be ignited.

The Court was told that police found furniture removalist Phillip Nicholas Pryce’s fingerprints on a one-time fusion single shot, one-time fusion 25-shot, one-time fu- sion 20-shot, a one-time fusion good times 9-short and one hellfire, eight-shot launcher.

Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan accepted that Pryce, 24, had left a party before the fireworks were ignited.

She asked if the fire- works were out of town as with the potential for any danger, “it looks like it’s pretty was low as there is a big difference between this and in your back yard”.

Magistrate Hartigan said that by refence to the police photograph, it didn’t look like a populated area where these fireworks were ultimately set off.

Defence Council said that the fireworks were set near the dump and a swamp-type area.

Magistrate Hartigan placed Pryce on a good behaviour bond with $300 attached to it for three months, which is paid if the bond is breached.

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