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9 June, 2021

Community consultations to start for Whitsunday Council Biosecurity plan

THE Whitsunday Regional Council will soon start community consultations for the biosecurity plan 2021-2025.

A June 9 report said the Biosecurity Plan would align with the Queensland Weed and Animal Strategy (2016-20).

“The aim of the Biosecurity Plan is to strategically plan for the control and reduction of invasive pest plants and animals to reduce environmental impacts and minimise economic loss,” the report said.

“The current Whitsunday Regional Council Biosecurity Plan 2017-2021 was endorsed by Council in 2017.

“The process used to develop the current Biosecurity Plan involved comprehensive community consultation and engagement with the region’s land management stakeholders.”

The proposed Biosecurity Plan 2021-2025 uses the framework and foundation of the current Biosecurity Plan with up-to-date data and information.

The main changes to the Biosecurity Plan are:• A list of the top 15 priority biosecurity projects.

• The addition of important pest plants for the three main areas; Bowen, Collinsville, and Proserpine/Airlie Beach.

• Changes to the strategic action tables where “status” and “priority” fields have been added.

• Inclusion of a few new pest plants and animals

• Inclusion of the new Yellow Crazy Ant infestation.

“The proposed Whitsunday Regional Council Biosecurity Plan 2021-2025 is considered ready for broad community consultation to gauge community support,” the report said.

The Whitsunday Regional Council has the following options:

Option 1 - That Council approve the Community Consultation for the draft Biosecurity Plan 2021-2025.

Option 2 - That Council decline the Community Consultation for the draft Biosecurity Plan 2021-2025

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