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7 June, 2021

Committal hearing starts in Mackay Magistrates Court

A RECORD 140 witnesses may be called in the week-long committal hearing in the Mackay Magistrates Court and in the Supreme Court for the murder of Jay Anthony Brogden, near Shute Harbour in 2008.

Acting Magistrate Ron Muirhead told the Court that normally murder committal hearings are held in closed court and details can’t be made public.

However, before the hearing began, The Mackay Local News asked both the Police Prosecutor and defence council if there was any reason why this pre-trial hearing could not be held in public.

Later, when asked by the Magistrate Muirhead, both the Police Prosecutor and defence consented to the hearing being heard in open court.

Today’s Committal Hearings follows a Coroners Inquiry in 2015, which was six years after Jay Anthony Brogden was reported as missing in 2008.

Coroner Jane Bentley ruled that the cause of Mr Brogden’s death was unknown but suspicions and recommended that the Homicide Squad immediately report on this suspicious death to the Coroner.

The Mackay Magistrate Court heard evidence today from police that Mr Brogden disappeared after a violent incident with Patricia Heath, where police attended after a triple-0 call by Mr Brogden.

However Mr Brogden had disappeared and could not be interviewed by attending police.

Police told the Mackay Magistrates Court that Patricia Heath had sustained a blood nose and a bruised eye.

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