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14 May, 2021

Australia must pivot away from Communist China with haste!

Step one is to take back the Port of Darwin.

That’s my message to the Australian Government on the back of recommendations in the Pivot Report, which I tabled in Parliament earlier this year. 

This Report is the outcome of what I dubbed “The China Inquiry”, (or the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Diversification of Australia’s Trade and Investment Profile), which primarily looked at our Australia-China economic relationship. 

From the thousands of submissions which the parliamentary Inquiry received, it was clear that our close ‘friendship’ (I use the word loosely!) with a ruthless, totalitarian, communist regime in China, is of great concern to a lot of ordinary Australians.

The federal parliamentary “The China Inquiry”, Report hits the nail on the head in its recommendations.

We need to pivot away from Communist China with haste. 

To summarise, the “The China Inquiry”, this Report says Australia must:

  • Scrutinise the 99-year Chinese lease over the Port of Darwin and, if (when!) it’s found not to be in the national interest, bring the port back under Australian ownership, along with other ports or strategic infrastructure in the hands of foreigners.
  • Apply a clear and consistent national interest test to all future foreign investment (and if it’s not in the national interest, veto with abandon).
  • Focus on trade diversification by expanding our trade with other countries - other than Communist China, (especially as India, Vietnam and Indonesia all offer great opportunities for Australian businesses).
  • Boost manufacturing by establishing a National Development Bank, by refocusing and incentivising superannuation fund investment and by working with industry, unions and universities.
  • Force Queensland and Australian universities to disclose any foreign funding they receive and block such funding, if it’s not in the national interest (- especially funding from Communist China to university Confucius Institutes).
  • Make sure Australians always have sufficient fuel and medical supplies.
  • Get smarter at identifying national security and national interest risks, especially in sensitive and critical areas.

It is important for Australians’ future, for our sovereignty and for our national security that this Pivot Report is followed up with haste by the Morrison Government.

 If we fail to pivot away from Communist China, then there is no doubt we will be left at the mercy of the Chinese Government and, to date, mercy doesn’t seem to be a key characteristic of the regime.

You can support the recommendations of the Pivot Report at

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