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2 July, 2021

Ambos warn drivers to take care

QUEENSLAND Ambulance Service has advised motorists to take extra care during the school holidays Advanced Care Paramedic Jen Kensela said this was especially important on wet roads.

"Even though it’s dreary when people set off, just be mindful to take extra time and care,” she said.

“We have had a lot of recent fatal crashes on the highways unfortunately, and we’d really like every to arrive at their destination safely by driving carefully, especially during the school holidays.

“Unfortunately, we’ve nearly had 130 people die on our roads and none of them would have known they were driving for the last time.”

Jen urged drivers to be prepared for long distance driving, advising them by “packing their medication, having their first aid kit and carry other essentials like food and water”.

“Also, it’s really important they know their general location at all times. That can be done by recognising the last town or landmark they passed,” she said.

“It can also be done by downloading the emergency plus app and that can be used for assistance, particularly in remote areas.

“The Emergency Plus app is something people can easily download on their mobile phones, and when you access the app, it gives you your latitude and longitude or street names of wherever you are, when you need emergency assistance.”

Motorists exploring regional Queensland were advised to have the Check In Queensland app and to sign in wherever they travel.

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