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5 July, 2021

Abandoned vehicle explodes in flames

TWO explosions rocked the Carlyle Gardens neighbourhood in the small hours of Thursday morning, waking residents up in shock.

Phil Taylor standing next to where the car fire was

Fire crews were kept busy putting out a car fire in the front of the roundabout near Carlyle Gardens.

The fire took 10 minutes to put out, with residents describing the fire as being as high as their homes.

The abandoned White Mazda had no number plates and was engulfed in flames, with locals Phil and Kathy Taylor saying they were woken up by two loud bangs.

At first, Mrs Taylor said she thought nothing of the bangs, describing the sounds as being nothing unusual to hear at that time of night.

“I was sleeping and I heard the explosion, I got up and couldn’t see anything. I heard the next one and we came outside and we saw the car was on fire,” Mrs Taylor said.

“That’s when we heard the fire brigade rush in.”

Mr Taylor said he was not impressed with the car fire and how close it was.

He said when he first heard the explosions, he thought somebody was trying to steal their car from the garage.

“We went outside after the second explosion and saw the fire. I thought the second explosion was the tyres exploding,” he said.

“The flames were going as high as the houses, you could see it between the fences.”

Another Carlyle Garden resident said she was not aware the Mazda was engulfed in fire.

“Stolen cars are often left there in the open lot near the round about. This happens quite often,” she said.

Another resident, Delma Willis, was shocked to learn about the nearby car fire on Thursday.

“I was asleep by then and didn’t hear any- thing,” Ms Willis said.

“I was sitting at home, watching a good show on TV until 11.30pm.”

Most residents along Stuart Hindle Drive were not impressed to learn of the car fire.

They said they were frustrated that the open lot is being used to drop abandoned cars.

Jason Hixon said he was deep asleep when the abandoned Mazda was on fire.

However, he said the car had been left aban- doned near the roundabout for a week, and said the car had a police aware sticker on it.

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