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21 August, 2021

Cool weather to continue

by L&K Mackay Severe Weather ON THE weather front: Well this morning (Thursday) cool temperatures will be the last until next week as we return to the 15°C-17°C overnight minimums.

There will be some cloud cover and possible shower during the night keeping the temps warm at night. Then with some decent sunlight during the day will bring maximum up to the high 20’s coastal and low 30’s inland. 

Spring is knocking on the door. Out on the water: 10-15knots in the morning increasing to 20 knots during the day then easing off again in the evening. 

Seas around the 1m mark increasing to 1.5m offshore. Swell is on the easterly 1m mark. There’s a full moon Sunday night. So Saturday will be a low of 0.5m at 1618 and high of 6m at 2230 and Sunday will have a 0.4m low at 1659 and 6m high at 2307.

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