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30 June, 2021

Bonkers on climate, reef

DESPITE genuine efforts from local organisations, landholders and environmentalists, there is sad news that our very own Wonder of the World, and critical cog of our local economy is poised to be dealt a blow due to the incompetence and sheer indifference of the current state and federal governments. By Jonathon Dykyj

Climate change is the biggest threat to our Great Barrier Reef.

This means it is the biggest threat to the Reef’s contribution to jobs, the economy and to the outstanding universal values that it holds and gives to not only Queenslanders but to billions around the world (those for which we are already custodians on behalf of - and of course, including future generations).

We will hear the usual spin, platitudes, and now even conspiracy theories.

But nothing can hide or deny the fact that since the Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage status was questioned by Unesco whether it should be listed as “in danger” in 2017 and the federal government’s own 2019 GBR Outlook Report warned (and which is a factor in Unesco’s current decision), our so-called leaders charged with protecting the Reef have only dug deeper.

They have doubled down in their mad pandering to the climate wrecking fossil fuel cabal that they seem to be forever beholden to.

This news comes just a day after our local MP’s coal-loving, climate denying mate made a zombie-like comeback to the second highest of- fice in the land in order to further sabotage the Morrison government’s already pathetic climate commitments.

And only a week after Premier Palaszczuk’s gas-lighting rant in the parliament about the importance* of gas, and announcing in her budget to throw good taxpayer money after bad in propping up and patching up dying fossil fuel plants.

And this is with little new money for renewables and no actual plan for workers (lots of workers in our region) to transition to the economy of the future.

We have lost more than a decade already to this craziness of inaction.

So with less than a decade to do what the science is telling us to protect our way of life, hopefully some sanity will prevail post- haste.

*Which I addressed the folly and falseness of in last fortnight’s column. Read it here: https://www.

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