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11 June, 2021

Pleased to bring regions people together

CANEGROWERS Mackay and the Sugarcane Subcommittee are pleased to be helping to bring the people of our region together for the 142nd Mackay Show.

It’s a busy time of year for growers with the harvest now under way but we’ve had a better season than in other years and there is some great looking cane around.

What makes a great regional Show?

Not the Dagwood Dogs, sideshow alley or the rides - you can find these at any show.

No, it is our regional community and local people showing what the region can produce which is unique. In our region, that means the sugar industry, and it certainly has much to be proud of.

We hope that Sugarcane Competition entries will be up this year.

We seek to return to a traditional agricultural show and the lessons that can be learnt by kids and their families displaying their cane.

Families who win prizes for entering cane in the schools’ section for their kids will benefit the schools’ P&Cs – a very worthwhile endeavour.

Coupled with the competition, we are pleased to announce we are holding our first Sugar Industry Trade Exhibition in the Sugarcane Pavilion, which is situated immediately on your left as you come in the gate off Milton Street opposite Alfred Street.

We have asked all our generous sponsors of the Sugarcane Competition – and a few special guests – to put on a display to show off our modern and innovative sugar industry.

We have produced this feature to help you find your way to the special attractions we have on display – please come and visit!

There are two main areas to explore – inside and outside.

First, take a good look inside the Sugar Pavilion.

Here you will find some of the thought going into the future of the industry with QUT’s Renewable Biocommodities Pilot Plant offering a virtual tour and showing you what can be produced with sugarcane apart from sugar!

There are also displays showing how agricultural technology can be used to improve efficiencies in sugarcane planting (the Griffith University site), in monitoring and managing a growing crop (the Aerial Asset Control site), in using sugarcane itself to produce an environmentally friendly fertilizer for a new crop (the Wilmar Bio Dunder site) and the modern way in which transport operations are tracked from the harvest siding to the mill (the Mackay Sugar site).

Then please make your way through to the Sugarcane Competition entries and see what the region has been able to grow this year.

Mackay Area Productivity Services (MAPS) and Sugar Research Australia (SRA) will exhibit in this area, so please take a look and have a chat to the personnel.

Then make your way through to the outside area near the oval where we invite you to have a look at the fantastic farm machinery from some of our leading farm machinery companies on display.

One of the highlights of the winter months has always been the Mackay Show.

The opportunity for the rural community, both young and old, to gather and display proudly their growing skills has showcased these activities to others for many years.

This year’s Sugar Industry Trade exhibition seeks to show all aspects of the sugar industry to enthuse a new generation of farmers, millers, researchers and other skilled people about the future in the industry.

Will we back next year with this event?

That largely depends on you.

Your support in visiting the Sugarcane Competition will hopefully see the event grow bigger, with sponsors eager to get on board and boost the prize money in return for display space in the Exhibition.

Your patronage of the Sugar Industry Trade Exhibition will in turn give our sponsors the confidence that they have made the right investment of time and labour.

It only takes a few hours of your time to visit the Sugarcane Competition entries and the Exhibition – and in return you could win a gift voucher worth $250 to spend at Tackle World Mackay.

Entry forms will be at the booths you visit. See you at the Show!

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