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14 August, 2021

Respect our differences

By Nic Willis I HAVE been hearing a lot of conversation lately about Freedom (and no, I am not going to write this column about my views in the current COVID environment).

What I am going to talk about is respect, because to me, the two are closely related. I have raised my children to believe that everyone has the right to their own opinions, choices, and faith…as long as it does not have a negative impact on others. 

Respect that right. You don’t always have to agree with them, but you do have to acknowledge and respect that they have a right to make their own choices and the freedom to have their own opinions. We have to take that same respect into the workplace and accept that not everyone will work in the same manner you do and that doesn’t make them less effective! 

 Years ago, I had two consultants in my team. One was a neat freak, and she had a place for everything (okay, that may have been me) and the other had a wide and proud ring of paperwork surrounding her desk. Needless to say, Captain Chaos had also visited her desk.

And, just to top it off, she was very good at her job! I know, I bet you are thinking “but how” like I did when she first joined my team. 

To this day, I can’t tell you how she managed to be so efficient amongst the mess. I can however tell you she gained my respect, and highlighted for me that we are all different, we have different opinions, we make different choices and we have different approaches to work and that is okay.

 In fact, that’s what makes life so interesting! Nic Willis Consulting is a local business specialising in permanent recruitment and HR support services. For further information, please contact  

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