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22 August, 2021

Proud of blazing Qld trails

By Malibu SO i've been quite caught up with trying to keep the readers informed and up to date recently on all things sex-related in the hope it helps get a few sparks flying in bedrooms around the Mackay region.

Just quietly, I think I may now hold the record for having said the words ‘clitoris’ and ‘penis’ more times than anyone ever before has done in a local publication? Definitely encourage others to challenge me for that title anyway, lol.

 Since I was originally asked to possibly share some salacious, saucy tales I might have up my sleeve about the strippers, instead (probably due to the fact I was also a stripper once and we struggle with following instructions sometimes) I’ll perhaps share a brief intro about myself and the events that led me into the entertainment industry.

I became a lingerie waitress in 1994 after my fiancé at the time left me in the middle of the night, stealing all of the $ in our joint bank accounts, along with my car and leaving me in a bad financial position. Add the loss of my bar job to the mix and I needed cash, and fast. 

Being a little chubby in those days it was only when I was being interviewed for another bar job that the gentleman enquired as to whether I’d be interested in doing some shifts in their private lounge bar where they had females behind the bar in quite elaborate lingerie sets, which they even supplied for you to wear. When your rent is due and for the first time in your life you have no incoming funds you do what you have to do. 

Fast forward about six months and after many moments spent adjusting my g-string in toilet stalls of hotels around Townsville, questioning myself, my abilities and mostly my appearance in my underwear I ended up loving my new job and the industry so much I bought the business (to cut a long story short).

It is actually the only thing that had ever given me the incentive to lose weight and work on my body, having struggled as a teenager with weight gain as most young girls do. Now I am married to my work and endeavour to do my best to help see the continued success of the adult entertainment industry in this part of Qld by providing consistent, professional service with the help of a team of people dedicated to the same goal.

 These are ‘my people’. It was a complete shock to me in 2018 after I was nominated in the Australian adult industry awards for the first time to actually bloody win ‘Best Striptease Agency’! Absolutely last thing I ever expected to happen once let alone for the last three competitions in a row. However, after 25 years operating the business I do think I’ve earned my wins in blood, sweat & tears - really just for operating continuously for that long in this industry with the same owner/operator is a feat in itself.

The highlights for me over the years have been too numerous to list in a 200-300 word column, but to just gloss over a few for you, the standouts which spring to mind are:  

 > Booking five girls and a chaperone in Weipa for two nights performing a full nude female review show 

>Doing paid appearances for ACP publishing in the Picture & People magazines (approx 25 times reporting nude in the North and Central Qld area) 

>Being a finalist in the Miss Nude Qld competition 2000

 > Winning Entertainer of the year there 

>Winning ‘Hottest Body’ four years in a row at the Miss Erotica Nth Qld finals 

>Opening ‘The Diva’s Den’ adult boutique in 2005

I think what sets Delicious Entertainment apart from other agencies in the area is our dedication to customers and the fact that we genuinely care about the industry and our staff.

 Not to toot my own horn, but I really will do whatever it takes (within reason) to ensure our clients event runs smoothly. Everything from driving girls to work, training them to perform professional shows – heck I’ll even babysit their children in order for jobs to be completed and clients be left happy.

 We are in the business of helping people make memories and while I still have breath in my body rest assured we will be ensuring nothing but the very best ones for you and your peeps. So remember when you next need the services of a topless waitress or showgirl to book local and support the agency putting Mackay on the map Australia wide. 

Delicious Forever!  

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