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27 June, 2021

Pipers to celebrate

BREAK out your pipes and mark July on your calendar, as a local pipe band is set to celebrate their 95th anniversary.

Mackay and District Pipe Band event coordinator Deb Orr is excited about this anniversary.

The yearly celebrations are well-loved by the Mackay Community, and thousands of residents always show up.

This year’s celebrations will run from July 9 to 10 at the Bluewater Quay.

“We started our free outdoor events five years ago – last year we had to cancel. We hold it at the Bluewater Quay ... we invite other bands from around Queensland to come and join us,” Deb said.

“We’ve expanded the event this year ... we’re having a meet and greet (on Friday) – these are all free events that are open to the public.

“The main event is on the Saturday afternoon, at the Bluewater Quay on July 10 – we start the event with the march across the Forgan Bridge into the Bluewater Quay.”

Ms Orr said Mackay Regional Council Mayor Greg Williamson is a big fan of the pipe band, and he is expected to be displaying his Scottish heritage in his Scottish gear!

“He’s going to be dressed in his kilt and going to do the welcome, as we will be having a lot of visitors,” she said.

“The band has contributed quite a lot over the years to Mackay’s Scottish heritage ... we do get a lot of community support with our events.”

The event will also help promote Mackay as tourism destination and Ms Orr said the Sugar City has a growing reputation as a place to visit.

“Mackay Regional Council is our main sponsor. It's not just a pipe band event – it’s also a destination Mackay event. We’re growing the event so people put it on their calendar and know ‘at this time in July, is the time to come to Mackay’,” she said.

“It has grown – it’s grown quite well.”

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