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29 January, 2021

Passionate mackay musical aficionado keeping children out of treble

After seven years running a youth choir, a choir director in Mackay decided to take the plunge and start her own business.

By Andrew Sorensen

Photo: Contributed

The decision for Bee Musical Studio sole trader Jennifer Bee to break out of her cage and fly away was to have more creative freedom over her musical career.

Mrs Bee said she soon started Bee Musical Studio in 2014 She said her main priority and focus when it came to music was to ensure it was as accessible and fun for everyone as possible.

“I run all my choirs on the basis that everyone is welcome,” Mrs Bee said.

“I find that the kids really pick up on that – they’re really welcoming when new people come in and like to invite their friends along.

“I’ve had it grow a little bit, they obviously say to their friends they’re really enjoying this thing ‘ you enjoy singing too, you should come along’.

“That’s really lovely.” What this means is anyone is welcome to come along, regardless of their musical abilities.

In January 2020, Mrs Bee said she started Treble Trouble as a personal project and was catered mainly towards school aged children.

“We had a really good year, actually,” she said.

“We got together with all of my choirs to do a Christmas carols performances and performances with crossroads arts as well.”

Regardless of their musical abilities, children aged between 8 to 18 were welcome to come during the school term, where it runs from 4pm to 5.30 pm.

“It was really nice to say how they tried really hard to make zoom rehearsals work, resilience of the kids was really great,” she said.

“Watching them sort of rehearse from their bedrooms and with their pets was really lovely.”

With her performances and rehearsals, she ensures that children can get involve in the songs and take ownership through suggesting some songs, providing them with a sense of freedom.

Mrs Bee said she was actively looking for any opportunity to work as part of a group project.

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