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22 January, 2021

Finding voice again after a quiet 2020

It has been a big 12 months for the Valley Theatrical Players out at Pinnacle, mostly for all the wrong reasons.

Theatre Group
Life member Delia Granzien with ‘Millie’ and Valley Theatrical Players President Jan Lindbergs join planning coordinator Neil Kempe and the rest of the forward planning committee at the Pinnacle Playhouse and Cultural Centre to get a new year of performance underway.

The group went into recess as directed in March 2020; it has 100-year-old Theatre Royal seating remaining vacant, and a thoughtful program of engaging performance shelved. 

To top things off, the group recently farewelled one of its founding fathers, David Blines 84, a singer and actor of note and a Music Hall stalwart when the company started some 45 years ago – right through until his last performance in 2008. 

But, ultimately, the show must go on, and the group held its first planning meeting of the year in their beloved Pinnacle Playhouse and Cultural Centre, with discussions up front in the foyer, while president Jan Lindbergs and life member Delia Granzien beavered away out back in the playhouse, sewing curtains and preparing for the restart.

Sewing Theatre Curtains

The reality is, there are many fixed costs, even for a not-for-profit theatre group, looking after the playhouse and its equipment and getting some money coming in has become a pressing issue. 

“We’re going to start off with a Valley Choral Festival involving school groups and community choirs,” theatre group secretary Diane Blines said.

“We’ve got Sheryl Mitchell, a music and drama teacher in Valley involved and Neil Kempe has come on board too to assist with the planning. 

“And we’re also looking at a variety show mid-year." Even after such a difficult year, the enthusiasm for a fun year of performance is back.

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