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30 June, 2021

Dip your fingers into the pie

THE Collins dictionary definition of a sexpert is “a person who professes a knowledge of sexual matters”. By Malibu

In my role operating an adult shop ‘The Diva’s Den, for over a decade now I have definitely been acquiring quite a broad knowledge of all things sexual, hence my use of the word as a job description.

There is not a lot that surprises me anymore, and I sometimes tend to forget that not everybody is as open-minded or exposed to the nitty, gritty, adults only facets of people’s sexual health and lifestylelife that I have become familiar with and accustomed to on a daily basis.

It was therefore quite a shock to me when I had a newly acquired female friend casually tell me during a recent conversation that she had no clue where her clitoris was.

And not only that, but that she has never had an orgasm!

Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. Who would have guessed?

This woman is a 50yr old mother of two and has been married for over 20 years, mind you!

Possibly the most shocking thing I’ve personally heard so far this year I think?

Then I got to wondering – are there other women out there like my new buddy?

I suspect that there are and wonder how, in this day and age, this could this even happen?

Our foresisters didn’t burn their bras for females to be left behind in the masturbation stakes and we could all use a little more empowerment – it is your right as a woman to orgasm and shouldn’t purely be a male orientated goal when engaging in sex.

Masturbation can always be your go-to back up plan though.

It is not a crime and contrary to popular myth it will not send you blind.

Old age will take care of the eyesight regard less.

In fact, it is one of the best forms of stress re- lease for a large percentage of the population and a great way to get familiar with your own body and its inner workings, for those of you who aren’t already clued up.

Self pleasure is a key element to gaining more confidence in your personal intimate relationships as well.

So ladies, I beg you to let go of any preconceived ideas you may have regarding your sexual needs not being a priority.

They are indeed to be put on the ‘must urgently attend to’ list.

If you do not know where your clitoris is then STOP whatever you are doing right now and please do yourself a favour and go bloody find it. Seize the day. Without delay.

Go forth and masturbate, sisters. Make your orgasms a priority. You won’t regret it.

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